Sun, 18th – 4-Ball Alliance 2 To Count

1st I Ebrahim 93
J Naidoo
N Mohamed
S Bhagajee
2nd B Mikhula 91
Kg Sebothoma
U Nzula
J Kgoebane
3rd C Delport 86
L Delport
N ...
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Saturday, 17th - 4-Ball Alliance 2 To Count

1st M Walton 98
D Rudman
P Joubert
Jc Muller
2nd J Swanepoel 93
Pc Talaard
Pc Talaard Jnr
P Rage
3rd R Cronje 93
Cj Cronje
J ...
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Thurs, 15th – Meat Day – IS

1st W Hildebrandt 38
2nd Ss Mpodo 38

A Tribute to Rodney Falkson by Stuart Bouwer

It was with deep sorrow that we heard of the passing of Rodney Falkson on the 9th of August 2019.

Rodney was a true sportsman who loved outdoor sport. He was a wonderful cricketer, golfer, ...
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